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Hi Biology teachers and enthusiasts!

It has been a long time since I posted something here. A lot of you have been eager to join BIOTA Philippines as evidenced by lots of queries I received. Anyway, to make it easier for me and you, I will once and for all give a short explanation on how to join BIOTA here and now. Since BIOTA has not set up yet its website and most of you are (I bet) directed to my wordpress account, I’d like to give you a few instructions on how to become a BIOTA member.

STEP 1: Ask the BIOTA officers of any existing BIOTA organizations near you (local)

The current BIOTA president is Dr. Jessamyn O. Yazon of the Philippine Science High School-Main Campus (Agham Road, Diliman, Quezon City). Here is her email address: jyazon77@yahoo.com

Step 2: Attend the local  (happening at variable time periods) and most especially the National BIOTA Conventions which is usually held every 1st week of April. I’ll try to post any available information but since I’m out of the country right now it would be wiser for you to directly contact Dr. Yazon as she can give you the most up-to-date information about it.

Step 3: Enjoy teaching and learning!

When attending  conferences please avoid the following unprofessional behaviors:

1. Sleeping while attending lectures. Please drink lots of coffee and sleep early if you can’t keep up with the lectures.

2. Asking for a full PPT presentation of a speaker. Don’t ask for a full PPT from a speaker since a lot of the information are copyrighted and or for personal and for short communication purposes only. This behavior also triggers most of us to slack hoping that we’ll get the presentation and then finding one day that we haven’t opened those PPT’s at all. Copy the most important stuff and ASK questions and in any case just ask for the abstract.Laziness in the academe should never be tolerated.

Thanks and happy teaching!




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