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Hello Guys! Here’s Exercise 8. I’ll check your flow chart tomorrow. NO LAB tech today because of the Scholarship Committee meeting and Ms. Aileen dela Cruz, our lab technician, is absent. Thanks!   


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1. For this week (Oct. 21-23), I would like you to submit the results of the <Bacterial Concentration and Optical Density Measurement using Spectrophotometry> exercise in a bond paper and it should be computerized. Please observe proper labels for your graphs as this would be a prime basis for grading. After the graph, explain in one paragraph the meaning of the trend. Deadline is on Thursday, Oct 23 at 12 noon, Bio Unit or Bio Prep. Room.   This exercise is a part of your 2nd quarter grade. Also, incorporate the measurements I made before in your graphs (i.e. see data below).

OD Values- Sept 27 (4th day)

Group 1- E [0.56],  P [0.87]

Group 2- E [0.57], P [0.85]

Group 3- E [0.56], P [0.69]

Group 4- E [0.55], P [0.54]

Group 5- E [0.52], P [0.62]

Group 6- E [0.46], P [0.64] 

2. NO Labtech Classes this week. I still need to talk to our lab technician on how to go about with the exercises considering our situation. But definitely, we will have our labtech classes starting next week (Oct. 28-30). Later this week, I’ll post the lab exercise for next week and as usual you need to prepare your flow chart of methodoloy before coming in for the class. Our labtech room assignment is at ASTB-304.

That’s all for now.

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