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Play ALL these games in preparation for next week. Don’t forget to remember the details. Next Monday and Tuesday (September 8-9, 2008), we’ll discuss viruses. First LONG EXAMINATION is postponed for September 10 (Note: It was September 9 previously). Enjoy the HUMANITIES WEEK!  

1. Tuberculosis Game

2. DNA Game

3. The Cell and It’s Organelles Game

4. The Genetic Code Game

5. The Malaria Game

6. The Microscopes Simulations


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Problem 1:


LPO: 2mm (diameter); # of cells: 5 cells; What is the size of each cell (in LPO) in microns?

Problem 2:


LPO: 2 mm (diameter); # of cells: 2 cells; What is the size of each cell (in HPO) in microns?

Problem 3:

Assumption: Assume you have relatively three equal sizes of cells

If this group of bacteria composed of three longitudinal cells was viewed under a high powered objective with a field of view of 0.1 mm, the length of one cell would be? (in microns)

Problem 4:

You are using a microscope with the LPO (magnification 500X) diameter measured as 2.8 mm. If the organism X occupies only half of the field of view under the HPO (magnification 800X), what is the length of organism X? (in microns)


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Listen to Dr. Ernst Mayr, a friend and colleague of my research adviser, Prof. Dr. Eberhard Curio. Dr. Mayr is of German origin and died at the age of 101 publishing more than 700 research articles and over 20 books including the famous Systematics and the Origin of Species. He is one of the staunch popularizer of Biology.

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