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Please bring a large cotton/group  (i.e. smaller cotton can’t be used for flask cotton plug making). No cotton balls please.  We’ll prepare Nutrient Broth and Nutrient Agar tomorrow.    

Here’s a copy of the protocol: exercise-3

Also, prepare your flowchart for checking tomorrow.

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Evolution 101


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Click HERE . If this doesn’t work, just go to www.youtube.com and look for videos uploaded by “case” (Case Western University). Alternatively, you can type in the search box the following “Kenneth Miller and Intelligent Design” and look for a video uploaded by “case” for a high quality video streaming. Thanks!

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NAST to hold 30th Annual Scientific Meeting
The National Academy of Science and Technology will hold its 30th Annual Scientific Meeting on July 9-10, 2008 at the Manila Hotel, an event that traditionally draws the country’s leading scientists. This year’s ASM adopts the theme “Energy Security and Sustainability: Assessing the Present and Foreseeing the Future.”Check NAST website here

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8-10 July 2008
Traders Hotel, Pasay City
Manila, Philippines

The ASEAN Youth Science Summit (AYSS) is a complementary activity of the ASEAN Science and Technology Week Celebration in Manila that will involve the science-inclined youth of other nations, specifically those coming from the ASEAN-member nations and eight dialogue partner countries. The AYSS is a gathering of the youth from the said countries for the purpose of providing a venue for the next leaders of regional S&T development to discuss relevant scientific and global issues, with the end view of promoting peaceful agreements among Southeast Asian nations.

The Summit will also orient the ASEAN youth and those of other participating countries on the diplomatic and parliamentary ways of handling problems that affect nations on a regional as well as global scale. It will bring together students to raise their awareness on the global, regional and national issues that are presently affecting the Southeast Asian region and the world.

Specifically, the Summit aims to: 1) empower the students to plan for their future with the end view of using science and technology to harness the region’s natural resources wisely; 2) serve as a venue to discuss the need to act, with resolve and urgency, on the global and regional issues affecting present and future generations; 3) enhance cooperation, networking and coordination among the youth towards greater involvement in issues of regional and global concern; and 4) entice the youth to be more reflexive and aware of their capacity to act on present as well as future problems and solicit their commitment and participation towards addressing such problems, now and in the future.

Check ASTW website here

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